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Car Windshield Crack Repair Fluid

Car Windshield Crack Repair Fluid

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Repairing windshield cracks can be very expensive in auto repair shops, or even need to replace the whole windshield.

Fortunately, we have this Car Windshield Crack Repair Fluid, which Effectively removes fine scratches/ cracks in the car windshield and makes your windshield look like new again.


Magic Repair: This windshield crack repair fluid is designed to fix chips and cracks in car windshields quickly and easily. It is specially formulated to bond with glass and fill in the cracks and chips, making them nearly invisible.

Clear Finish: the fluid dries to a clear finish, making the repair nearly invisible. It is suitable for all types of windshields.

Durable Effect: The repair effect is long-lasting and resistant to UV rays, water, and other environmental factors.

Cost-effective: The fluid is a cost-effective way to repair windshield chips, cracks, and scratches. It is much cheaper than replacing the windshield.

Easy to use: The fluid is simple to use and can be done in just a few minutes.


Net Content: 20ml

Bottle Size: 9*2.5cm

Curling Film Size: 13*9cm

Blade Size: 4*2.5cm

Package Size: 14*10cm

Package Weight: 40g

Package Includes: 1* Car Windshield Crack Repair Fluid + 5* Curing Films + 1* Blade


Please allow slight measurement errors due to manual measurement.

This product is not suitable for repairing large cracks or holes.

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