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High-frequency device for the removal of strong mites in the household

High-frequency device for the removal of strong mites in the household

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Replaceable filter cartridge

Mattress hoover is Super suction, high frequency-Vibration function combined with 12kpa suction power can clean the dust and dirt deep inside the mattress.


  • (Improved HEPA filter system)

The bed cleaner uses the latest HEPA filter element for deep cleaning, traps fine particles, isolates large debris particles, traps dust and dirt tightly, and the exhaust air is fresh and pollution free.

  • (Improved violet light and pulsating function)

The U-shaped violet light has a longer range, and the high-intensity penetration of 260nm cold light effectively removes 99.7% of dirt. The mattress cleaning machine is equipped with a double pulsation pad and the high frequency vibration brings deep dirt to the fabric surface.

  • (Strong suction)

The mattress cleaning machine has a suction power of 12kpa and a 50W motor. Targeted mattress hoover removes dust and dirt from fabrics and cleans your bed, pillow, carpet deep.


  • (Cleaning the dust box)

2L large capacity dust box can be washed with water and cleaned regularly. There are no problems with decreasing suction power or clogging due to dust. Note: The filter must be dried before use.


Product name: Dust and mite removal instrument.

Vacuum level: ≥10Kpa

Dust cup capacity: 0.2 l

Weight: 0.8 kg

Noise value: ≤36dB





    Product Name: Cordless Dust Mite Removal Vacuum Cleaner

    Product weight :1050g

    Rated power :68W

    Vacuum level :10000Pa

    Rated voltage :7.4V

    Product Material :ABS

    Dust container capacity: 185ML

    Product Size: 24*11.5*3.5cm

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