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🔥Free shipping🔥 Home Use Filter-free Soy Milk Maker Machine

🔥Free shipping🔥 Home Use Filter-free Soy Milk Maker Machine

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Make Delicious and Silkly Soy Milk with Ease!

Enjoy delicious, homemade soy milk with the Home Use Filter-free Soy Milk Maker Machine. This easy-to-use machine lets you make your own nutritious, silky soy milk in the comfort of your own home. It can work with both dry and wet beans, eliminating the trouble of soaking beans, you can enjoy tasty and healthy soy milk anytime!


Multifunctional Intelligent Touch Panel - The Soy Milk Maker Machine is equipped with a large screen and clear buttons that are easy to operate, even for elderly people. It has a variety of functions, such as boiling water in just 6 minutes, one-click self-cleaning, and heat insulation. It can also make juice, soybean milk, and rice paste.

Strong Filter-free Soy Milk Maker Machine - This machine has a powerful motor of approximately 25000 rpm, and is equipped with 8 precision steel blades. It is also equipped with a 4-rib three-dimensional spiral turbulence. This ensures that the soy milk is smooth and slag-free, without the need for filtering, and it operates very quietly.

Dry Beans & Wet Beans - The Machine can work with both dry and wet beans, eliminating the trouble of soaking beans, and allowing you to make soybean milk at any time.

Large Capacity - With a large capacity of 800ml, allowing for both cold and hot drinks to be made. The machine can make up to 800ml of cold drinks or 700ml of hot drinks, enough for four people.

Safe Use - Equipped with a high sensitivity temperature probe at the bottom, and a thickened anti-overflow cup cover. It has dual anti-overflow protection, and a good sealing performance.

12 Hours of Intelligent Reservation - This machine allows you to add ingredients the night before, so you can enjoy delicious food in the morning.

Food Grade Safety Liner - 304 stainless steel food grade safety liner, ensuring your safety while using the machine.

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Plug standards: US, EU

Color: Green

Body material: Stainless steel

Heating method: Chassis heating

Other functions: Automatic cleaning, Insulation function, etc

Product size: 17.5 * 13 * 24.5cm

Weight: 3kg

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