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LED Strong Light Zoom Flashlight

LED Strong Light Zoom Flashlight

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Zoom Function

Dare not walk on the dark and deep path? Let this super bright flashlight bring you courage.

With high lumen, it makes it as bright at night as during the day.

Zoom function allows you to see a different view at night.

ü  High Brightness

ü  Zoom function.

ü  Super Large Battery Capacity

ü  Tough body

Key Features

Zoom function, Long Shooting Distance

With zoom in mode, it can illuminate close environment, and with the zoom out mode, it can illuminate 650 feet distance. The high lumens can provide super brightness in both outdoor and indoor. Powerful light gives you a full sense of security, making it ideal for daily use.

High Brightness, Low power Consumption

The built-in smart chip supports the most sufficient brightness which is about 10 times brighter than ordinary incandescent lamps. There are three bright light options, as well as a fast emergency strobe and a slower strobe. You can switch at will, adapting to different environments of lighting.

USB Fast Charging 

It is designed with a USB interface for fast charging. The charging speed is 180% of ordinary micro-USB interface flashlight. Besides, it is built with reverse connection Protection, overvoltage protection and short circuit protection board, make the flashlight have a longer service life.

Super Drop-Resistant Body

It is extremely waterproof and has excellent high-altitude anti-drop function, which can withstand harsh environments such as heavy rain, extreme cold and high temperature. Provide lighting for normal work, it is very suitable for outdoor night walking, running, cycling, camping.


Lamp beads: XPE

Material: aluminum alloy

Lens: Optical convex lens

Color: Black, Silver, Rose Gold

Weight: 50g

Mode: 3 modes

Battery: 1200mAh lithium battery

Package Includes

1* LED Strong Light Zoom Flashlight


Always point it away from your eyes and other people.

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