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Wotian Jade Lucky bracelet of gold leaf

Wotian Jade Lucky bracelet of gold leaf

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The auspicious Hetian Jade

The Hetian-jade can bring luck, prosperity and good fortune to the wearer or owner.

It is also believed to have healing properties and the ability to promote physical and emotional well-being.

?Natural green jade is an auspicious stone.

Green jade is a chakra stone that promotes happiness and relationship stability.

This is the perfect gift to build friendships and relationships with your loved ones.



  • Idea: Beauty is the nature of all people. Beautiful bracelet decoration can make girls elegant and charming. Suitable for all.


  • Design: match with a beautiful bracelet decoration. Therefore, such bracelets can make people feel happy and comfortable and make people passionate about life. Experience more beauty in life.

  • Fits exactly: everyday use, you can wear it on any occasion, make your style more match and attractive during graduation, Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary, date, party, charming and fashionable.

  • IDEAL GIFT: It is suitable as a love gift for wife/girlfriend, family gift for mother and child, and also as a friendship gift for sisters. This is a perfect gift for the festival.


  • Colour: green
  • Material: imitation Hetian jade
  • Product dimensions: 16.5 cm - 21.5 cm (adjustable)

❤ How to care for your jewellery

1. It is recommended to rub your jewellery gently with a silver polishing cloth

2. Rub with a clean but dry cotton cloth to restore shine

3. To avoid scratches, wrap it in a soft fabric strip and do not rub it against other jewellery

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