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🌟Ideal Electrician Gift🌟Non-Contact Voltage Tester Tools

🌟Ideal Electrician Gift🌟Non-Contact Voltage Tester Tools

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Discover the perfect gift for electricians and DIY enthusiasts! Our Non-Contact Voltage Tester Tools feature a crystal-clear night vision display, non-contact operation for safety, a built-in flashlight, and reliable battery power. The ideal choice for safer and more convenient electrical work.


LCD with Night Vision Display

The Non-Contact Voltage Tester Tools boast a large digital display screen with night vision blue light, ensuring clear and easy readings even in low-light conditions.

Non-Contact and Safe

These tools are designed for non-contact operation, prioritizing your safety during electrical work.


Line Power Outage Detection: Press the "INDUCTION" button to detect the line. If there are no breakpoints, there will be lightning symbols, and the lightning symbols at the breakpoint locations will disappear.

Naught Wire Detection: Touch the "DIRECT" button with your fingertips, insert the pen head into the naught wire and make contact with the copper core. The light will turn blue, and the value will be displayed on the screen.

Live Wire Detection: Touch the "DIRECT" button with your fingertips, insert the pen tip into the hole, light up in blue, and display the numerical value on the screen.

Self Check Function: Press the "DIRECT" button with the right hand, and touch the pen head with the left hand. If the light is on, there is power. If it is not on, please replace the battery.

High Voltage Induction Test: suitable for induction detection of AC power below 1000V. Grasp the pen tip with your hand, and place the end of the pen close to the detected object. The light on indicates power, and the brighter the light, the higher the voltage.

Leakage Induction Detection: Electrical appliances, bathtubs, and other household appliances undergo leakage testing. As long as they are close to the leakage device, if there is leakage, the light will also light up.

Detect DC Power: Press the "DIRECT" button, the tip of the pen contacts the positive electrode. If the light is on, it indicates sufficient power. If the light dark, it indicates insufficient power. If it is not on, it indicates no power.

Built-In Flashlight

With a built-in flashlight feature, these tools provide illumination in dark environments, making it easier to locate measurement positions and eliminating the risk of electric shock.

Long-Lasting Battery

Powered by 3 LR1130 button batteries, making battery replacement very convenient.


Product material: Chromium vanadium alloy steel, ABS

Product features: With auxiliary lighting

Product size: 142.5mm*18.9mm

Product weight: 21.7g

Battery model: 3 LR1130 button batteries

Sensing range: capable of detecting 12-250V AC and DC currents


The package does not include batteries.

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