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✨Buy 5 Get 4 Free✨ Glass Oil Film Removing Paste ♻Safety and Long-term Protection♻

✨Buy 5 Get 4 Free✨ Glass Oil Film Removing Paste ♻Safety and Long-term Protection♻

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Give you clear vision in any kind of weather. Clean, streak-free windows in sun and water repellency in rain, so you can feel confident that you will see clearly wherever the road takes you.


Powerful cleaning & 3x stain removal

It glows with 1 touch, 3x penetrates and dissolves stains, removes slight etching water stains and oil films on glass, etc., and quickly restores perfect transparency with no buffing required.

Forms a protective layer & waterproofing

More than just a glass cleaner, it's a glass repairer! Restoring your glass to a brand-new look after cleaning can also form a protective layer, Repels rain by causing water to bead up and roll awaywaterproof, and prevent splashes and dust. Making travel more comfortable, clear, and safe.

Gentle formula, no damage to glass

The ultra-active particle formula can safely loosen sticky pollutants, be easy to wipe, and solve the problem of abnormal wiper noise without damaging the glass.

Wide range of uses & applications

It can not only remove stubborn asphalt, bug splashes, bird droppings, rain marks, and other stains but also can be widely used on glass and furniture glass in various parts of the car.

Make LCD TV screens, glass flat panel monitors, tablet screens, and more crystal clear once again with Glass Oil Film Removing Paste.

Easy to use

Capacity: 50g
Raw material: ultrafine active particles
Usable area: 20㎡
Shelf life: 3 years


Please keep it in a cool and ventilated place, it is strictly forbidden to enter or get into the eyes, please keep away from children and fire sources

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