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USB Chargeable Portable Outdoor Flashlight

USB Chargeable Portable Outdoor Flashlight

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This product is an essential companion for all your outdoor adventures. Whether you're camping, hiking, or exploring, our flashlight will light up your path. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, it's the perfect tool to navigate the great outdoors. Don't let darkness hinder your exploration—let our USB-chargeable portable outdoor flashlight be your guiding light.

Key Features

Far-reaching Distance: With its powerful beam, our flashlight illuminates a far-reaching distance, allowing you to explore and navigate with ease. Enjoy enhanced visibility and a clearer view of your surroundings.

Large Battery Capacity: The flashlight is equipped with a large battery, offering long-lasting performance during your outdoor adventures. You can rely on its extended runtime to keep you illuminated throughout your journey.

High Brightness: Our flashlight features high brightness, ensuring that darkness is no longer a hindrance. Whether you're camping, hiking, or searching for items in the dark, our flashlight provides the illumination you need.

Waterproof Design: The flashlight can withstand water exposure, making it perfect for outdoor use, even in rainy conditions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your flashlight will perform reliably, rain or shine.


Power: 3W

Power generation method: battery

Light source: LED

Charging method: USB

Maximum range: 500M

Size: 100*25MM

Weight: 68G

Package Includes

1* USB Chargeable Portable Outdoor Flashlight


1. Please follow the charging instructions provided with the flashlight to ensure proper usage and battery life.

2. Avoid shining the light directly into the eyes of yourself or others.

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