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Car Cleaning Three-Piece Set Rain-repellent & Oil removal & Paint Coating

Car Cleaning Three-Piece Set Rain-repellent & Oil removal & Paint Coating

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Dazzling glare, Noisy windshield wipers, Blurred vision in the rain, and Tough glass oil film?

Paint scratches, Bird droppings, Dead bugs, Tree sap?

Our car cleaner can solve your troubles, make your car look better, and drive safer.

On rainy days, drive with our three-piece set!

Oil Removal, Rain Repelling, Antifouling

Coating Agent for Paint

Mirror gloss. Long-lasting protective layer. Anti-UV. Repair scratches. Remove stains.

Oil removal Agent for Glass

Prevent fogging. Avoid the dazzling glare. Restore glass scratches. Remove the stubborn oil film.

Rain-repelling Agent for Glass

Enhance nighttime and wet weather visibility. Remove water stains. Form water-repellent film.


Equipped with Sponge

high-density sponge, smooth and lightweight, easy to wipe, soft, and safe for your cars. It is flexible, which is helpful for you to clean cars effortlessly.


Net Content:100ML/bottle

Function: Rain-repellent, Degreasing, Paint Coating

Package Includes: 1bottel


Please read the instructions carefully before using the product.


Keep out of reach of children.

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