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2023 New Quick Cooling Cup

2023 New Quick Cooling Cup

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Summer is coming, hot weather should have a cold drink, but what should I do if there is no frozen drink at home or around?
Don't worry, our fast cooling cup can quickly meet your needs, just pour the drink you want into it and wait for a while to drink it immediately.

Our cup is made from high-purity, food-grade aluminum, making it lightweight and strong. With a generous capacity suitable for most beverage bottles or cans and an ergonomic grip, it also doubles as a daily cup, without the holder. 

Our quick cooling cup is also user-friendly, featuring a one-touch start-up button and two cooling methods: Pour the beverage into the cup or put the drink bottle directly into the cup (add some water if you put the drink bottle directly into the cup). It couldn't be easier! 

Our product features advanced refrigeration technology that can cool your drink to 36℉ - 50℉ in minutes, making it four times faster than a refrigerator! Whether you fancy a cold beer, yogurt, juice, soda, milk, wine, or any other beverage, our personal cooling device can do the job for you. 

The base and water cup can be separated, with multi-level insulation design and high-energy cooling devices, this desktop mini fridge can hold your drinks cool without having to prep extra ice. It's perfect for traveling, working, playing games, or watching TV shows. 

Product Description

Material Food: Grade Aluminum

Function: Beer, Wine, Coffee, Juice Drinks Cooler

Capacity: 450ml

Size: 16*12*12cm


Voltage: 220V-110V

Product Net Weight: 0.9kg

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