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[Practical Gift] 15-in-1 Outdoor Portable Multifunctional Mini Safety Hammer

[Practical Gift] 15-in-1 Outdoor Portable Multifunctional Mini Safety Hammer

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Hammer Head Material

Looking for the perfect practical gift for the adventurer or safety-conscious person in your life? Your search ends here with the 15-in-1 Outdoor Portable Multifunctional Mini Safety Hammer. This versatile and compact tool is a thoughtful gift that combines functionality and safety, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and anyone who values preparedness.



Versatile Functionality - This mini safety hammer boasts an impressive array of functions. This wide range of tools makes it an invaluable companion for various outdoor activities, emergencies, and everyday tasks.

Durable Construction - Crafted with quality materials, this safety hammer is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. The hammer head is made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and rust resistance, while the shank is constructed from sturdy aluminum.

Compact and Portable - This mini safety hammer is incredibly compact and lightweight. Its compact size allows it to fit easily in a backpack, glove compartment, or even a pocket, making it a convenient tool to have on hand at all times.

Enhanced Safety - Safety is paramount, and this tool excels in this regard. The safety hammer feature is designed to shatter glass windows in emergencies, such as car accidents or trapped situations.


Hammer Head Material: Stainless Steel

Shank Material: Aluminum

Overall Length: 163mm

Net Weight: 437kg

Size: 16.3*8*4cm

Including: Nail Driver, Hammer, Tooth Blade, Safety Hammer, Rope Cutter, 3 Types Of Screw Heads, Cutting Edge, Bottle Opener, Clamp, Strong Clamp, Large 1 Shape Screwdriver, Lighter, File, Wire Cutters


[Practical Gift] 15-in-1 Outdoor Portable Multifunctional Mini Safety Hammer*1


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