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Pet Robe Blanket Pet Clothing

Pet Robe Blanket Pet Clothing

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When the temperatures drop, and the chills creep in, your furry friend deserves the warmth of our blanket. Designed like a comforting robe, this fleece wonder envelops your dog, ensuring they stay snug and relaxed.

ūüĒł¬†Perfect Fit:¬†Drapes gracefully around their neck, extending a warm embrace to their entire body.

ūüĒł¬†Soft & Soothing:¬†Crafted with the softest fleece, it's every dog's dream blanket.

ūüĒł¬†Relax & Unwind:¬†Its comforting touch can help soothe your dog, leading to peaceful rest.

Let the warmth wrap your dog in a cocoon of comfort, because every moment of relaxation counts.

Ultra soft pet cushion, a cosy bed for your dog or cat.
Warm soft Coral velvet making this ultra comfortable for your pet.
This blanket is the perfect size to use on the sofa, bed or any place you want to keep clean.
Non slip backing, durable and reliable for long -term use.
Machine washable and dryable.

Size Recommendations(for reference only)

The size S is suitable for new born puppy

The size M is suitable for Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier

The size L is suitable for Pug, Poodle, Papillon

Material: Plush
Wash Style:Hand/Mechanical Wash
Size: S/M/L

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